Everyone keeps ragging on
the state of what we’ve all become
We’ve all seen it coming from the brink
The waterline is rising
though none of it is falling
there’s plenty to drown but not enough to drink
yet we’re more worried about our waistlines
Our bank accounts and hairlines
While we pour our future down the sink
We sit by and watch it from the internet
We blame it on the government
Does anyone really know just what to think?

But what I’ve seen
Is the power of a people who can change
What I need
Is someone who can simply explain
What is all the rage?

Voices quantized simplified
Organic matter digitized
Soul no longer needed to sing
The radios off its rocker
The marching drum is off its mark
Music has become so out of sync
Now that Hendrix is a microchip
nothing more than a right click
Anyone can be through the machine
Where’s the dedication
to the art of imperfection
That could wash all of our good intentions clean

But what I’ve heard
Are sour notes so beautiful and naked
What I need
Is something so real it never can be faked
What is all the rage?

So here’s to the mass extinction
Of all our good intentions
Here’s to the crumbling
Of the worlds greatest inventions
Here’s to the annihilation
of our grand imaginations
Here’s to the loss of knowledge
Of all our generations
Maybe it’s the optimist in me
that we will see the end to celebrity
When I can turn on the TV
and never again will this question be raised

What is all the rage?


from Great White Noise, released April 29, 2016



all rights reserved


The Sam Chase San Francisco, California


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