I’ve got problems
But they don’t amount to much
They may be small compared to others
but they’re still deadly to the touch
I know they’re not my own
as I share them with the masses
They are everywhere I go
People wear them on their faces
But I love the sound coming out of this old time radio

What’s this sensation
making its way into the station
could it be that motivation
that I keep hearing so much about
All this commotion
From this runaway locomotion
I try to focus in
but instead I’m tuning out
to the sound coming out of this old time radio
A dying sound our future children may never know

Now we know where to begin
sometimes the hardest part of starting out
is jumping in.
But the morning always comes
after a night that always come
So get up, and get out
Welcome today

I’ve got problems
but they don’t amount to much
like wrapping up these words
that have been haunting me for months
But I don’t want to sing too fast
because i know this song won’t last
When the moments passed
there won't be nothing left.
but the sound coming out of this old time radio


from Great White Noise, released April 29, 2016



all rights reserved


The Sam Chase San Francisco, California


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