Hella Solo

by The Sam Chase



19 tracks written and recorded over 6 or so years. Many of which had never seen the light of day.


released January 1, 2009


all rights reserved



The Sam Chase San Francisco, California


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Track Name: The Way Things Work
everybody wants to live forever
Nobody really wants to die
They say that when you're gone
Your soul will carry on.
I don't much believe that but I'll try

Everybody wants to make money
We all work all our lives for that dime
At a job that we hate
Until the day that we get paid
It sounds like an enormous waste of time.
But God knows I'll still try

Everybody wants to be famous
Everybody wants their name in lights
i am no exception
I crave that recognition
I hope that I get it before I die
I hope I get it before I die
Track Name: Color Of Bone
When we were young
Our minds could move mountains
Our bodies were strong to carry the world
But we witnessed destruction
and we lived through a war
Our future was longer than our past ever was
We saw purpose where we hadn't before.

So we lit a fire so the world could see our eyes from the wreckage
We wore the ashes like scars buried deep in our hands.
We lit it as a sign to the ones left behind of a future
We had no idea what we were doing and we didn't care
At least we were there.

In a life that is long
Hearts will be broken
Things will be lost and lies will be told
fights will be fought
What you own will be stolen
Your body will slow
and soon you'll grow old

But we still believe that the moments we live are forever
and we try not to think there's a moment when it all will end.
There are lines that have formed that were not there before to remind me
Even temples will crumble it's only a matter of when.
...a matter of when....

Every brick that's placed will be torn down
and all of its worth is returned to the Earth and the sea.
and all you say will be forgotten someday
But I'll sit here and listen to enjoy how the story is told.

It's really all such a laugh
what we do for a good epitaph
All I'll leave in my will is a few pictures and bills
the rest do with what you want
But my headstone will read
"Here lies a beloved guitar,
buried with it's hands which belonged to a man
who could play it like a god damned machine"

You can dress me in clothes that I'd never have worn
to address you.
as you give me away to that freshly dug grave of my own.
and you can say I'll live on in the hearts of the ones who'll remember.
As I'm nestled away in my coffin the color of bone...
...the color of bone...
Track Name: Always At War
Where do I begin?
I'll start with myself
I still hold this skin and these bones
But I've been reborn.
So long ago I used to be a saint
in a previous life
but now I am only a man
a man with a gun.
I guess that's just as powerful

Why does the rain flow down to the sea?
Why do these tears still remind me
of the waves that will crash upon the shore?
The water and land
Always at war.

I drive and pass familiar faces
Their eyes are all empty.
To them I'm a stranger along this road that I have driven on so many times.
These old familiar road sings
pointing the way to this place I was told I could rest
This place of my birth
But never my home.

Why does the rain flow down to the sea?
Why do these tears still remind me
of the waves that will crash upon the shore?
The water and land
Always at war.

I'll always remember
Walking through the door
The overwhelming flies
That old familiar smell
I've never been so sure
That I've been here before.
A feeling that's so strong.
A feeling that's so pure.

I could be a storm cloud
I could be a rain song sung from this ground that I stand on.
I'd open up the skies
and let the rain fall freely to the land,
Oh I could do that.
But I am nothing more than what I was when I was born.
I wish I was more.

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